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Ellipsis is a simple roguelike that asks you to navigate 13 floors of a topological dungeon. Each floor tile sends you some set number of tiles away. Search through this maze to find the amulet on the 13th floor. Fight through Goblins, Wraiths, and avoid the Fires.

Move with Arrow keys.

Swap out tiles with Space.

Collect hearts, and don't give up!

(I'd like to add a Mac version soon.)


Ellipsis 1.2 (jam version with bug fixes) 10 MB
Ellipsis 1.3 (post-jam version with animations) 10 MB

Development log


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Nice concept! I like the different approach of how things move in this game.
If you look at the map you do not realize that you actually are in a maze. It is just hidden behind the moving mechanics. You have to unfold it inside your head.

Thanks for playing! And I'm glad to hear -- "You have to unfold it inside your head" is the exact experience I wanted for the game. Cheers!

Well, those fixes were great. This game was really fun, all it needs is a "you win" screen when you get the amulet on floor thirteen. Or an ascent back up to floor 1 after getting the amulet. Or both. Something like that. But good job on this one, I love it.

Awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.  There should be a little baby version of a "you win" screen if you get the amulet, but it's not very celebratory, I admit.  And thanks again for the bug report. It made all the difference.

Your game freezes after about 3 minutes of playing. One time it happened around floor 6 and i stepped on a 5 spot. Another time it happened when i was stuck bouncing between two 2s before i realized I can swap tiles.

joplick - thank you so much for playing the game, and for reporting these bugs!

I went back and checked the code and discovered the problem. There was a mistake in how I stored info for tiles with stairs on them, and the wraiths would become stuck there, infinitely looking for a path out. I also found another huge error with the tile swapping algorithm.

In addition, your experience of getting stuck made me add a reset button, so people can get out of deadends.

Thank you!